Sure, they are known for great value, but what really keeps people coming back to Portabello’s here in Milton, Ontario, is the quality of food they serve up. Each plate is like no other in town. Each plate is its own special experience.

Once inside you immediately encounter good food, good friends, and good times – all that comes too with a great meal.

Portabello’s was launched in 2006 and since then has been run by head chef Mario Manzi. He’s been the owner of the popular establishment since 2010. Mario and his wife Monique have been working for Portabello’s for the past six years. Monique takes care of the front of the house while Mario works his magic in the kitchen.

Their passion has now become their dream. Mario, originally from Napoli, Italy came to Canada in 2004 with his wife Monique and two children, Flora and Celina. The family welcomed a Canadian born son Joey shortly after. What an exciting time!

Mario has long had a love and passion for cooking and this is why he wanted to expand his talents by opening a restaurant in Milton. And the rest is history!

Mario has brought the finest cuisine all the way from Italy to Milton. You can have the same homemade sauce just the way his ‘mama’ would make on Sunday mornings. Mario always recalls to his wife that he would lie in bed and smell the sauce simmering on the stove in the kitchen from his bedroom.

When you walk in to Portabello’s you will smell the garlic roasting in the pan ready for another great dish to be created. It’s all contagious – the food and the ambiance.

The taste of Italy is alive and well in Milton, thanks to Portabello’s and the hard work and dedication of Mario and Monique.